Rock Sawing

Rock sawing gives a smooth finish but also most importantly stops the vibration off the rock breaker transferring to surrounding properties. This allows to maximise your space up to the boundary.

Pool Excavation

With precision our operators will excavate your swimming pool. Laser levels help us determine the highest accuracy of heights more easily.

Driveway Excavation

Can remove the existing drive, take away and prepare your new driveway before your new driveway is poured. Beaches Earthmover have laser levels to help find the levels/gradient to the nearest millimetre.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be put in to retain dirt to make your space bigger. At Beaches Earthmover our operators have the eye for detail when it comes to digging footings alongside a string line. At beaches earthmover we can also build retaining walls for you.

Under House Excavation

Due to house plots getting smaller and not being able to extend either forward or backward, under house excavation can be a fantastic option. New garage? Whole new floor? Even if your house is sitting on rock and underpinning needs to be done, anything is possible. No need to worry if you have limited height restrictions, our small machines are able to squeeze where you cant imagine.

Yard Leveling / Landscaping

Houses often have inconveniently raised back yards, making them impractical and even dangerous for small children. The investment in excavating the raised back yard is worthwhile and great for the whole family. Beaches Earthmover can do structural landscaping including preparation, garden beds, retaining walls, excavation for drainage, excavation for storm water tanks, and many other landscape related jobs.

Difficult Access Excavation

With our skills we specialise in tight and difficult access, getting down areas as narrow as 1 metre wide. When an excavator cannot gain access down the side of a property, a crane can be used to lift the machine over into your backyard and conveyor belts can be used to move the dirt from the back to the front and vice versa.

Fill and Rubbish Removal

Separating excavated material into concrete and bricks, clean fill, mixed waste and green waste greatly reduces tipping costs. We do this using a skeleton bucket which works like a sieve separating soil from green waste, and separating bricks from soil or fill. Cheap fill removal is only one of the many services Beaches Earthmover provides.

Detailed Excavation

Detailed excavation covers more precise excavating jobs, such as excavations for footings, for a concrete house slab, driveway preparation, retaining wall footings, and service trenches. With all the correct equipment to get things to the right mm for you will make yours or the builders work that much easier.